5 tips for travelling with kids

5 tips for travelling with kids

Why is it going away seems so fun when you are in the early stages of planning it-where will we go? What sights should we see? Where will we stay? It's all so exciting. But then the reality of actually packing, getting there (whether flying or driving) and being in a strange place that your Little ones may not find as much fun as you do sets in, and you find yourself wondering if it wouldn't have been better just to stay home.

This week I reached out to more seasoned travellers than myself, and asked for their top tips on travelling with Littles. Here's some of their answers.

Five things to remember if you are travelling with Little ones this March break.

  1. Don't over schedule-being in a new place is probably enough to keep kids entertained-they don't need to go to every available tourist attraction.
  2. Schedule time for yourself, and your partner. Of course there are things you want to see that may not be of interest to your kids (or even your significant other). Well, the divide and conquer is a completely acceptable way to do the things you want.
  3. This tip is from twin mom Kim: We embrace technology... and to combat jet lag, we had a very comfortable lay flat double stroller for the twins and an extra stroller for our very big 4 year old when we went to Japan. That way they could all sleep whenever they needed to.
  4. This from Gordana who used to travel to Europe with her Littles:  Ensure that you have new toys, books or gadgets to keep them busy. (reminds me how I would always buy a new Transformer for my boys and put the box in their car seats when we were heading out on a road trip.)
  5. A flight booking tip from mom of three Marina: If there is a seat selection available, choose A and C for you and your child. The seat B will have more chances to stay empty if the flight is not completely booked. Do I need to explain why we need an empty seat?
  6. This also from mom Marina: 2-3 plastic bags, because somebody will puke, someone’s diaper will leak, and if nobody puked, peed or pooped, a travel neck pillow will rip open and cover everyone around you in tiny white beans sticking to everything and a flight attendant won’t have an empty plastic bag (don’t ask me how I know it) 

 Okay that was six, but that last one I used just the other day on a trip with my 14 year old, so I felt it was worth adding for the timelessness of it. If you're travelling this March break (or whenever) I hope these tips can help make you trip a little easier.

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